Top 10 Places To Stay In Napa Valley in 2017

best hotels in napa valley 2017

             If you’re craving for good wine, good food, fresh air and beautiful landscape, then there is no better place than the wine county of Napa. With breezy evenings and sweet wine, you could spend an endless vacation here. At various prices, Napa offers you bed and breakfast inns, Spa Resorts and Grand hotels. You could pick any according to your budget and preference. Perfect for a romantic weekend, family getaway or birthday bashes, Napa provides you with all luxuries and pleasures. If you’re planning a trip to Napa this year then the following places are the best to stay in 2017:

1. Napa River Inn


Napa Valley Inn

Located in the historic ambiguity of 19th century Napa Mill, the hotel has an ornate decor and with its Victorian style furnishings and heavy draperies and fireplaces. This is downtown Napa’s highest-Michelin rated hotel and is just a brief walk away from the Napa River, as the name suggests. You can also take advantage of the complimentary chauffeur and car service to downtown locations.

So, choose a river overlooking balcony room, sit by the open space, order your breakfast in bed and enjoy the little joys of life.

2. Andaz Napa (Hyatt)

Andaz Hotel Napa

Andaz Napa (Hyatt)

Considered the hippest hotel in downtown Napa, the hotel is known for its edgy artworks and lively ambiance. Located just five minutes away from the Napa Valley Opera House, the hotel resides in a very good location and is center to everything.

You can enjoy their exquisite fireplace suites along with Netflix prescription or get into the mood with the bar hopping, live music, and free massages. The hotel is also known for its bar called the Mercantile, with an outdoor terrace and heated cabana.

  • Address: 1450 First Street, Napa, California, USA, 94559
  • Phone Number : +1 707 687 1234
  • FB messenger ID: @AndazNapa
  • Check out Andaz Napa review on Tripadvisor & Yelp

3. Silverado Resort and Spa

Silverado Resort and Spa 2017

Silverado resort and spa

The Silverado resort is infamous for its sports and fitness related infrastructures such as 2 PGA championship golf courses, 13 tennis courts, and a well-equipped modern fitness center. The resort is elegant and beautifully maintained. If you’re looking for best tennis instructors in the town, then this is the place to be.

  • Address: 1600 Atlas Peak Road Napa Valley, CA 94558
  • Phone Number :  707-257-0200, (800) 532-0500 (Toll Free)
  • Email ID:
  • Check out Silverado resort and spa review on Tripadvisor & Yelp

4. Milliken Creek Inn and Spa

Milliken Creek beach

Milliken Creek Inn and Spa

One of the five-star luxury hotels of Napa, Milliken Creek offers you an ultimate relaxed and pleasurable stay. With canopy beds and rain showers, you wouldn’t want to leave your room and if you feel like loading off tension from your shoulders then you should definitely give their green tea bath salts and hydrotherapy tub chance, try it and you ought to stay forever.

5. Solage, an Auberge Resort

Solage Resort 2017

Solange, an Auberge Resort

(Formerly Solage Calistoga) : Established on the outskirts of historic Calistoga, this resort offers Chic but cozy studio rooms set in wooden cottages with vaulted ceilings. You can hire bicycles from the resort and roam around Napa valley. The restaurant offers organic farm-to-table menu, which is fresh, delicious and healthy. Facilities such as mud baths and hot spring mineral pools are also available.

  • Address: 755 Silverado Trail   Calistoga, California 94515
  • Phone Number: (866) 942-7442
  • FB messenger ID : @SolageResort
  • Check out Solange, an Auberge Resort review on Tripadvisor & Yelp

6. Beazley House

Beazley House 2017

Beazley House, Napa Valley

This bed & breakfast Inn is a restored 1902 mansion with a carriage house a few blocks away from downtown Napa. Adults-only B&B, the rooms are filled with antique furniture, wooden ceilings and gas fireplace. The owners of the B&B are warm and welcoming; they provide you with generous breakfast, comfortable stay and even dog-friendly policies!

7. Bardessono

Bardessono 2017

Bardessono, Napa Valley

Ranked #2 out of 62 hotels on Tripadvisor, this elegant and chic hotel is partially powered by rooftop solar panels and gas fireplaces. The rooms are big and the bathrooms are lavish.  The hotel is just a mile away from the Napa Valley Museum and is located in a very good area.

8. Hotel Yountville

Hotel Yountville 2017

Hotel Yountville, Napa County

Winner of the traveler’s choice award, this hotel is surrounded by vineyards. The rooms are chic, lavish and comfortable. The architecture is elegant and they offer all kinds of services such as TV, outdoor pools, spa treatments and free Wi-Fi.

9. La Belle, Époque

La Belle Epoque Napa Valley

La Belle, Époque, Napa Valley

Based in the Queen Anne Victorian home, the building is around 120 years old and antique but has been renovated to look classy and tasteful. Following old traditions, the hotel still serves tea daily from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. in the formal dining room and the organic, farm-to-table, three-course breakfast is truly special and a must try!

10. Candlelight Inn

Candelight inn napa valley 2017

Candlelight Inn, Napa

The B&B is located on the border between Napa and Sonoma in the Carneros region. In the morning they provide you with a multi-course breakfast, which hearty and organic. They also have an impressive movie library, where you could spend hours. So enjoy a glass of wine, dip into their heated pool and let the luxury sink in.

Transportation tips – Bike, Limo, or Train

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to exploring Napa valley.

Bike – Many tour operators or local business provide bicycles on rent for people who like to do exploration own their own. Some Businesses also provide Bike Tours(event) annually, so keep an eye if you like to take a country tour on a bicycle.

Limousines – One of the most popular men of transport in Napa valley is the rental limousine. They provide customized wine tours in Napa valley as per customer choice. We recommend using this option if you like a lavish Napa valley wine tour. some of the recognized Tour operators in Napa valley are:

Beau wine (In Napa Valley) – 707 938 8001, 800 387 2328.

Best Way Limousines (From San Francisco) – (800) 600-9981, (510) 278-2852.

Train – The most popular tour option for people who have little time but want to explore most of the Napa county. Experience the Napa Valley’s mesmerizing scenery and top wines. You can reserve the seats online.

Taste the Finest Blends of Wine through Napa Valley Limo Wine Tours

Wine production process is one of the supreme forms of arts, and now you can explore this art from the Napa valley wine area through the limousine car services. If you like to taste some signature wines then you can go for the Napa valley wine tour, and through this service, you will get the personal limousine car on a rental basis. The professional driver of the Napa valley limo wine tours will describe the wine production process and you can visit several places such as Napa, San Francisco, Woodland, Reno, Lake Tahoe and Sacramento. But you need to book the luxury car service for these wine tours because the professional drivers and limousine car can design your weekend perfectly.

Napa Valley Limo Wine Tour

Napa Valley Limo Wine Tours

Who would you like to visit Napa valley?

Napa valley is the place where the most wonderful wines are manufactured, and you can taste different kinds of wines from their factory outlet. This place is known for the famous wines, natural landscape and for a wonderful climate. You can enjoy the Limo wine tours with your loved ones and spend your weekend in a different way.

  • Different types of fleets such as limousine, Mercedes, Lincoln and Cadillac are provided for the bay area wine tour. But the most attractive and popular tour include the Napa valley limousine car tours.
  • You can book the luxury car from the online portal and you can find various types of fleet services at an affordable price range.
  • Some of the exclusive destinations of Napa valley and other wine tours are selected by the experienced team members, and professional chauffeur services describe these places perfectly as they take you out on a journey.

Finest wine tours for premium guests:

Apart from the Napa valley wine tours, you can also get down for some places that produce the finest wine, and explore the different wine manufacturing processes. For every event and family trip, the wine tours are the best outings, and you can enjoy a day with your personalized limousine car and taste the wine on the hills.

  • Some special attractions such as shuttle wine tours or hot- air balloon services are provided to the guests, and they can enjoy the air view of these natural landscapes.
  • All these wine tours are available at an affordable rate and these are perfect for the wine lovers because they can enjoy the wine and spend their whole day on taking a side tour of the place.
  • Napa Valley is one of the famous cities where some oldest wineries are situated and you can taste these wines and stay in prime hotels. When you avail the Napa valley shuttle car services you can readily avail accommodation in luxury hotels, and you can get the lunch halts and some picnic spots in this city.
  • Apart from that, Livermore valley and Russian river wine tasting are also famous for the red wine collections, and you can find some reputed hotels per-booked by the car rental services.

To know more about wines and to book the Napa Valley wine tour, you can consult with the Best Way Limo Wine Tours of the city.

Thrilling Experience With Napa Wine Tours

Thrilling Experience With Napa Wine Tours

Napa Valley is now offering a full featured wine party for the wine lovers who want to seek in the beautiful lavish green town of California. Here you can easily find a wide assortment of vineyards along with a lot of wineries, which happily offers you to taste their homemade wines. Exploring this beautiful region will aid you to learn more new things about best Napa Wine tours. Napa Valley is the best option to rejoice celebrations and the happiness of togetherness. Moreover, this what happens when the luxurious ride is also a part of this journey. Yes, nothing else, It’s limousine.

Napa Valley Wine Tours

Napa Valley and Bay Area are now welcoming their tourist with an auspicious wine shuttle tour service. With this now you are able to explore the city with comfortable seats, soft music, and with a sip of wine under the roof of Limousnie. Not just for discovering new places in the city, these limousine services assist you for travelling to and from airport to your destination. With well qualified chauffeurs and precisely tested limo vehicles, there are several agencies that will offer a wide range of services.


It is better to go with a package, not for per hour services, if you want to stay for some days and get pleasure from Bay area limousine wine tour services. Their packages are flexible, so you can add or remove services as per your requirements. You can also book your fleet online by searching the best agency in the Bay Area. As pre booking is quite beneficial for you to save your time in the new city. These agencies also have links to the best hotels and resorts with beds and breakfast facilities.

For more information visit at Napa Valley

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Exploring Exotic Wineries With Russian River Wine Tours

When it comes to the point of tasting wine, most of the wineries are constantly convivial you by offering a gigantic assortment of Russian River wine tasting tours. With their enthusiastic assistance you can gradually tang wines that are based on its taste, texture, color, and alcoholic percentage. In this way you may know something improved about the varieties of wines produced by the residential in the Bay Area, Napa Valley, and the Russian River. It is also natural that you never savor any wine with an empty stomach. These Bay Area Wine tour limo services will also provide the amenities of lunch, dinners in the finest garden restaurants of these areas, where you can enjoy the meals with the contiguous occupied by innate beauties. After discovering every lone vineyard you have to feel unwind and sit back into the limo vehicle and the well expert drivers of the Napa Valley Limo wine tour will assist you in exploring the next one.

Russian limo wine tour

When Today, every young mind has their own way to rejoice their happiness. Some want to roam over the streets having glasses of wines, some want to sit and enjoy the nights in bars or pubs. But every ideal way needs wines and without wines celebrations is curtailed. So why don’t you engage these Bay Area Wine tour limo agencies with which you simply able to get some pleasures from wine glasses and under the luxury roof of limousines along with high tech facilities like, mini wine bar, bedrooms in limo vans, high quality music system with plasma TV, and much more.

Get Ready To Enjoy More With Russian River Limousine Service

If you want to enjoy your every jiffy of your excursion to Napa valley, then it is very crucial for you to engage some kind of services which will aid you in your every turn and also dole out you with paramount eminence services. Today everyone is geared up to decrease their pocket credence by spending more than enough on their journey, but comfortably and ease are always absent. Just like Russian River Limo Wine Tour there are several agencies established in every spot of Napa valley, and Russian River. These agencies recommend towering quality services to their clients from the airport till the end. Adopting shortest distance, safely driving, exploring the regions with wine tasting campaigns are the foremost distinctiveness of Napa Valley Limo wine tours

Napa Valley Wine Tours

It is a very astonishing experience for tasting wines while travelling for the wine lovers, who always dreaming to have some wine with friends beneath a luxurious roof. Bay Area Wine Shuttle tour is a money saver tour, which offers a broad array of services like hotel pick and drop service, airport pick and drop service, sightseeing within the region and also in its nearby areas, and much more in a private shuttle luxurious van. With a soothe ride whether it is Napa valley Limo wine tour, Russian river wine tour or Bay area wine tour these all are the most comprehensive tours. These agencies also grant that drivers who have an immense awareness about the locations, popular attractions, and shortest route.

Napa Valley- Best Place To Taste Natural Wines

Napa Valley and Bay Area are remarkably well renowned regions for their most popular, healthy and organic wines and for their wine limo tour services. People from every part of the world stopover these places and plan to take pleasure from its beauty and would always include Bay Area Wine Tour Limo as a part of their luxurious trip, which provide maximum ease and comfortable while traveling, with real leather seats, fully loaded music systems with in-build wine bar.

Russian River Wine Tours

With a huge list of the best part about these types of tours as these are truly affordable and easy to find for guests who are inquiring for these Napa Valley Wine Tour Limos and book either online or offline. These limo service companies also offer all-embracing knowledge about the place in that particular region and also about the wine that are produced in different wineries.


As it is abundantly clear that the Napa Valley and Russian River are known to be the most renowned and influential wine countries, so no matter that you are a wine lover or not these cities will surely put their hands open and welcoming you to taste the wines in a luxurious manner. Besides from these Limo vehicles that are used for your personal issue, but, Russian River Wine Tasting Tours will surely serve up their clients with sedans for bigger tour groups and SUV s that depend upon the number of persons in your group.


Enjoy Your Napa Valley Wine Tours With Limousines

People around the world always wondering about a dreaming trip to California. There are other assorted tourist attractions nearby California, like Napa Valley, Bay area Valley, and many more. These valleys are the most influential and well maintained tourist first choice. If you are scheduling to visit these regions and make your trip more cozy and comfortable, then it is tremendously vital to have some planning about the travelling and ways for exploring the whole area.

Now there is nothing to worry about these things as there are various agencies that provide high class Limousines to make your wine tour more attractive. Napa Valley Wine Tour Limo is those agencies that always serve you up with a reputed and well organized service of Limousines. These agencies have several ways to plan your journey that include some notable wineries with some beautiful attractions. These plans and packages are customized according to your needs and desires also.

Bay area wine tour limo

Not only for some particular regions of Napa valley, you can also hire these agencies from other parts of California. These agencies have several branches in the Bay area and in Russian River Valley also. Today Bay Area Limo Wine Tours attracting several visitors around the globe towards its natural beauty along with natural tasting wines. Original and kosher wines of these regions are extremely perfect to make your evening a memorable evening, and along with the services of Russian River Wine tasting tours, you are now able to create your own pleasurable moments.

Top-Rated Wine Tour To Napa and Sonoma Valley

Take out some time from your frenzied schedule and plan a Wine Tasting Tour of Napa and Sonoma with your pals and relax in an entirely different ambience. We will guide you through Napa & the Sonoma wine country in a lavish SUV or a comfy van providing a tremendous wine education all through the day!

Sonoma Wine Tours

While we deal in offering a fun and informal wine tours of Napa and Sonoma and Russian Valley wine country, we feel glad to organize limo service or airport shuttles. No matter whether you decide to visit these wineries in a small group or a substantial group, we will arrange festive Wine Tasting Tours for you.

We believe in sharing our wine knowledge and charm of the area with our guests and present the perfect wine tour always. No matter from where you come from, whether it is your first wine tasting voyage or you are a wine fanatic, we assure your wine tasting tour will be lovely, and that you will undoubtedly enjoy visiting different tasting rooms and learning about Napa and Sonoma Country Wines!

Let our wine tour company take you on the most thrilling and practical wine tasting experience in Sonoma Country or Napa Valley! Being an extremely experienced company, our wine tour specialists will take you to the finest wineries of the region and make it as glamorous as possible! So, do not miss the opportunity to learn about the best way to taste wine, wine making process, and different varietals of grapes grown in the Northern California wine country!

Why risk visiting Sonoma Wine Tours without bestwaylimos.

Russian River Valley Wine Tour

If you are crazy about wines, plan a wine tour for your next retreat or celebration. There is no dearth of wine tours to choose such as winemaking or wine tasting tours, or a picnic lunch tour in a picturesque wine country location. Many companies offer organized Wine Shuttle Tours or private tour services leaving you absolutely free to relish a day long escapade.

limo wine tours

The wines taste much better when tasted at the winery, and loads of vineyard tours provide you the opportunity to visit the wine tasting rooms. Best Way Limo Wine Tour would carry you to numerous world class wineries that are blessed with excellent food and wine, and at the same time letting you absorb traditions, history, art, and natives. Many of these tours also allow you to sit and eat at the different picnic spots on the way. Moreover, their staff members can also help you plan your day out in the world class wineries.

The Russian River Valley is known to house a wide array of wines and grapevines planted within the Russian River Valley. Relish your taste buds with your preferred wines over the rolling hills of the region via Russian River Limo Wine Tour and enjoy the scenic beauty the region has to offer. Moreover, you can leave all your travel related hassles on their experienced and courteous drivers who will please you with their service by carrying you safely and in-time. They are highly knowledgeable about all possible routes to your chosen destination as such take you through the shortest way and with maximum ease.

Come To Russian River Wine Region To Enjoy The Finest Wineries Of The World

A specialized tour guide accompanying your wine trip lets you appreciate and enjoy the spectacular land and wine tasting to the fullest. Walk around the attractive region full of vineyards and impressive wines in your favorite limo. Well planned limo wine tours enhance the charisma of visiting these places twofold.

wine country transportation

Best Way Limo Wine Tour is always at your service to assist you make the most of your visit to these world class wineries. So, take out some time and reserve a grand destination tour of the Napa and Sonoma wine region rather than just seeing and enjoying the magnificent scenery in fantasy. Do not forget to carry a photo camera along with you so that you can capture the splendid scenic beauty of the vineyards.

Believe us, this journey will be extraordinary and will ignite a love and relation within you. You can also contact a reliable wine country tour company and inquire further information regarding the tour. For an inclusive Russian River Limo Wine Tour, you need to have plenty of time available. Since the place has a plethora of wineries and vineyards in store, so you need both time and mind to explore all of them.

In fact, the finest way to explore this wine region of the Bay Area is by way of Wine Shuttle Tour. A well planned wine tour lets you enjoy the outside sight from your limo window and sipping one of your favorite wines. Moreover, you can also get to know the procedure behind making of these world class and exquisite wines.